Juvenile CrimeWhen a juvenile receives a criminal conviction, the legal penalties come listed on the court's judgment. The juvenile may have to spend time in a juvenile facility. They may have to pay fines and restitution. The court may order them to complete counseling or other rehabilitative programs.

There are additional penalties that are not so obvious. When you're facing a juvenile charge, it's important to be aware of some of the ways that the conviction can alter your life. Many of these consequences can affect you for the rest of your life.

Difficulty Finding a Job

Employers often have their choice among a sea of candidates. When that happens, they're looking for something to distinguish one candidate from another. If you have a juvenile record, they might use that as a basis to choose another applicant.

In addition, a conviction might prevent you from entering certain professions. For example, a conviction for assault and battery may prevent you from working in child care. A sexual offense may prevent you from working at a school. When you're a young person, you might not have chosen your career path, so you may not know what doors could shut in the future because of your juvenile conviction today.

Joining the Military

Serving our country is more selective than ever. Military recruiters can afford to be choosy. Even a conviction for a marijuana-related offense can send your enlistment papers to the back of the line. Any conviction can shut the door on a career in the military.

Going to College

Colleges want to admit good citizens as much as they want to admit good students. For this reason, a juvenile conviction can stand in your way of getting into your dream college. Although not all colleges ask about an applicant's criminal history, many still do. Even if you're an otherwise great candidate, your conviction can lead to a rejection letter.

License Penalties

Many offenses come with an automatic driver's license suspension. If your offense is alcohol or drug related, Florida law may suspend your license or delay your eligibility to get a license. These actions are often administrative from the department of Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, so the penalties may not be readily apparent in the criminal proceedings.

A juvenile criminal charge can bring serious consequences. Some of these consequences are immediate, and others are hidden. If you're facing a criminal charge, please contact our team of Florida juvenile crime attorneys at Musca Law for a confidential consultation. We can help you defend yourself and protect your future.

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