Cape Coral, FL (October 11, 2019) – On Friday morning, October 11, reported that Fort Myers and Cape Coral Police Departments have arrested a Fort Myers man and charged him with battery, property damage, burglary, and larceny. 

At approximately, 8:50 a.m., Fort Myers Police were called to West First Street near the 2000 block. The initial witness who placed a call to the Fort Myers Police stated that a woman and a man were engaged in a fight. The altercation then escalated into a physical fight, whereas the man assaulted the woman outside of a business. The Fort Myers Police Department received other calls from witnesses of the attack, stating that the man was dragging a woman outside of a business.  Before the police could arrive at the scene, the male suspect fled the scene while driving a black Nissan Versa. 

The Fort Myers Police interviewed the Fort Myers woman who indicated that she was assaulted.  She further stated that the man attempted to kidnap her by dragging her to his car and forcibly placing her therein.  

The woman also asserted that she sustained numerous injuries after the man bit her ear and punched her in her face. The woman was able to break free and seek protection inside a nearby business. 

Cape Coral Violent Crime Laws 

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