PENSACOLA, FL - (ESCAMBIA COUNTY) - According to an arrest report posted on, a man and woman were arrested on Monday for allegedly shooting and killing a 35-year-old man in Cantonment, Florida.  A 28-year-old man from Cantonment, Florida, and a 38-year-old woman from Pensacola, Florida, were arrested and charged with murder offenses.  The 28-year-old man has been charged with first-degree murder, while the 38-year-old woman has been charged with principal to first-degree murder.  

The victim was purportedly dating the 38-year-old woman's 19-year-old daughter.  The shooting occurred outside a home located on Lawson Lane in Cantonment, Florida, at around 2 p.m.

According to the Escambia County Sheriff's Office report, the victim's girlfriend stated that the 28-year-old man and her mother arrived unannounced at their Lawson Lane home just before the fatal shooting. The victim's girlfriend stated that the couple locked themselves in their home and called the sheriff's office because of continuing problems with her mother and other people.  However, by the time Escambia County Sheriff's Office deputies arrived, the two suspects had already fled the scene of the fatal shooting.

The criminal news report asserts that once the Escambia County Sheriff's Office deputies left, the daughter and victim left their house and began driving westbound along Lawson Lane.  However, the couple decided to return to their home out of fear that the two suspects would damage their home if they left.  The couple turned their truck around on Lawson Lane.

According to the criminal news report, the mother's motor vehicle came around the corner on Lawson Lane at this time.  The victim then stopped his truck and exited the pickup truck.  While the shooting victim was standing at the side of the road and the victim told his girlfriend to drive home in the truck and contact the Sherrif's deputies.  The victim told the two suspects that they needed to leave because they were trespassing.

The criminal news report states that the victim's girlfriend started driving home when she witnessed her mother yelling at Blackmon.  The 28-year-old man then exited stepped out of the vehicle with a gun in his hand.

The victim's girlfriend said that she stopped the pickup truck, and she turned around as the 28-year-old man walked up to the victim and shot him from only a few feet away.  She then stated that the 28-year-old man then stepped closer to the victim, leaned over the victim, shot the victim two more times, and then ran off. 

At this time, the victim's girlfriend drove over to her boyfriend, and her mother got back into her motor vehicle and then crashed into the pickup truck.  The criminal report states the victim''s girlfriend jumped out of the pickup truck and ran to the victim to render medical aid.  Then the mother grabbed her daughter and began beating on her face, head, and body. However, the girlfriend continued trying to render aid to her boyfriend.  However, the mother continued to keep striking her, dragged her away by her hair, and pinned her down.

According to the criminal news report, the male arrived and pulled the mother off of her daughter.  Then the mother got into her motor vehicle and then drove away.

The mother has been taken into police custody just a few miles down the road a short time later. Hobbs was arrested shortly after at his home on Country Hills Road.

The homeowner stated that the 28-year-old walked up to the homeowner and asked if he could use his phone.  The suspect placed a phone call just before the homeowner called 911.  When the Sherriff's deputies arrived at the man's home, the shooter turned himself in to law enforcement. 

The criminal report affirms that the victim suffered two or more gunshotes to his head, two additional shots in the stomach, and one gunshot in the neck.

The two shooters are currently being held at the Escambia County Jail without bond.