New Port Richey, FL (February 5, 2019) – A Port Richey man, identified as 34-year-old Thomas Paul Jr., is now facing a domestic battery charge after he bit his girlfriend’s neck.

Police say that Paul bit his girlfriend’s neck after he took a picture of her when she was sleeping. The two became involved in an argument with one another and escalated until he bit her. When deputies arrived at the scene, the girlfriend spoke with them and told them that he bit her against her will and then pushed her when the couple went and started fighting outside.

Police found the victim with a red mark on her neck where she claimed that she had been bitten. Paul Jr. fled the scene when he knew that police were coming.

Police located Paul Jr. at the intersection of Oelsner Street and Largo Terrace. He was transported to a detention center without incident.

New Port Richey Domestic Battery Laws

New Port Richey, FL – Man Facing Domestic Battery Charge After Biting Woman’s NeckUnder Florida law, domestic violence is any type of assault or battery that results in physical injury against a household member. These crimes are charged seriously under the law and can range from a misdemeanor to a felony depending on the circumstances of your case. There are many steps that you can take to avoid penalties and protect your rights after you have been accused of one of these crimes so that you can move forward and get on with your personal and professional life.

One of the issues with cases involving domestic violence is that many people are wrongfully accused of this violent crime every year. A wrongful accusation or one that is taken out of context could cost you everything, from your current social life to career problems. You want to strengthen your case from the beginning, which means working with a skilled attorney who understands the many laws that dictate your case. Every aspect of your case is another chance to make things right and take strides, from police interrogations to trial. Contact us at Musca Law to find out what we can do for you at (888) 484-5057.