ORLANDO, FL (ORANGE COUNTY) - According to an online news report posted on tampabay.com, a Louisiana tourist stated that he paid about $15,000 for a family vacation at Disney World.  He noted that his vacation was disrupted after he was arrested for refusing to have his temperature checked at Disney Springs.  The Orange County Sheriff's Office released surveillance video footage showing the incident.  Law enforcement authorities then confronted the tourist after the man skipped the temperature screening tent, refused to have his temperature checked, and then refused to leave the property.

The man, a 47-year-old man from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, pleaded "not guilty" to the charge of trespassing during his first hearing.  When the man refused to leave the property for not following guidelines, deputies escorted the man off of the property.  The suspect stated that he would get his temperature checked at some point, according to the Sheriff's deputies' body camera video footage.

The Sheriff's deputy stated to the suspect, "They'll do that in jail, sir." 

The suspect's attorney did not provide any comment on the pending criminal case.

The suspect was one of a handful of men who were arrested for refusing to follow Disney's health policies during the coronavirus pandemic.  According to one Sheriff's arrest report, another person spat on a Disney security guard after he was requested to cover his face on Contemporary Resort property.

According to Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger, most guests follow Disney World mask requirements, temperature screenings, and social distancing. She also stated that millions of visitors to the company's theme parks every year, and only in rare situations things like this happen, and we hold those accountable.

The video camera footage shows one of Disney Springs' security managers stated that the suspect was "going to have to go for the day."

The suspect stated that he didn't understand why he needed to leave the area and was standing there while looking at his cell phone.

The Sheriff stated that the property is "private property," and he is being told to leave and that the suspect was officially trespassing. 

The suspect then stated that he spent $15,000 on the vacation as he was being handcuffed by law enforcement.  

Another person stated, "all you had to do was get temperature checked." 

The suspect stated that he paid $15,000, and so the police could not trespass him after paying $15,000 to be at the property.  The suspect was led away by law enforcement.  The man then tried to cooperate with the Sheriff's deputies.