When we think of a drug dealer, we have images in our head of what they may or may not look like. Maybe you’ve witnessed a person walking past you and quickly exchanging cash for a bag of drugs. Or maybe it’s the person who is waiting outside a crowded area, such as a concert, with the hopes of finding someone to sell his or her drugs to. 

No matter what image you conjure up in your head about the average drug dealer, the fact is that there are drugs dealers everywhere you turn and Gainesville is no exception.

Sharing Drugs With Friends

What if your friend purchases some marijuana or another drug and invites you over for a get together? As the party starts up, your friend passes around a joint for everyone to share. You may feel there is no harm in this, as your friend is just being a good host and sharing what they have with the rest of the party. 

But what if you were told that the drug they were passing around makes them a drug dealer? You may be astonished at first, thinking you never purchased drugs and your friend never sold you the drug. They just shared. 

However, sharing drugs, even with friends or relatives, is seen in the eyes of the law as drug dealing. Even if there was no money exchanged between hands, it is considered drug dealing as the laws are written. Those that share drugs with their friends or family will face the same penalties for those that are selling drugs on the street. 

In fact, this is very common. There are many people who have innocently shared some of their recreational drugs with their friends, only to land in jail. 

Another common scenario is when a person is given some sort of drug, which puts them in possession of a drug. They left the house of a “drug dealer," but were pulled over on the way home for a burned-out tail light. The police officer asks to search the vehicle, and the person agrees as they forget about the drug their friend gave them. Once the police find it, they start questioning where it came from. The person fears that they will be placed under arrest, so they give up where the drugs came from. This could lead to the police arresting the person who gave the drugs. This person could be charged with delivering a drug. The charge is more serious than simply possessing an illegal drug. 

Drug Dealing Criminal Attorney in Florida

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Florida, you will want to seek legal representation from a drug-dealing criminal attorney. A skilled lawyer will be able to fight for your rights. 

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