ORANGE COUNTY, FL (March 19, 2020) – According to an online new report provided by the ORLANDO, an Orange County reserve deputy sheriff was arrested for domestic violence over the weekend and this arrest resulted in the deputy sheriff´s termination. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office´s arrest warrant for the suspect, the reserve deputy sheriff was arrested this past Saturday when he allegedly threaten a woman that he would murder her, her children and her other family members. The former Orange County reserve deputy sheriff denied her allegations during the arrest interview at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman stated that her and the suspect were arguing in his vehicle when the suspect made the threats against her. The woman stated that the suspect “grabbing the center console with his right hand and began to open it,” according to the police report. The woman also stated that the suspect kept his handgun in the vehicle´s center console. A search warrant was obtained to search the motor vehicle of the suspect. When sheriff´s deputies conducted a search of the suspect´s center console, deputies found a loaded 9mm pistol, according to the police report. The handgun was secured and processed as evidence in the criminal case against the suspect.

The woman stated that she was able to escape the suspect´s car and leave the scene in her car. The woman stated that this was not the first time the suspect threated her life. Both the woman and a witness told the deputies that the suspect mouthed the words “You´re dead” to the victim about one week prior to this crime.

The suspect was not on duty during the argument or at the time of his arrest by sheriff´s deputies. Sheriff John Mina terminated the suspect on Monday morning stating that he has “a zero-tolerance policy toward domestic violence. We hold all of our deputies — both full-time and reserve — to the highest ethical standards whether they are on duty or off duty.”

The suspect has been an Orange County reserve deputy since 2008. The suspect worked part-time and he was only permitted to perform law enforcement duties with the supervision of a fully certified sheriff´s deputy.

Florida Domestic Violence Laws, Penalties and Punishments

According to Florida Statute 741.28 Domestic Violence, it is a crime for an individual to commit a violent act against another person, household member, or family member in the State of Florida. In most cases, the person who is arrested will be required to vacate his or her home. Also, the person arrested may be required to make no contact with the victim(s) for a specified period of time.

Punishment for Domestic Violence in the State of Florida

In the State of Florida, Domestic Battery is a first-degree misdemeanor. If convicted of Domestic Violence, the punishment is up to one year in jail. However, if the individual charged with Domestic Violence has intentionally caused bodily harm to the other person, this triggers a minimum mandatory sentence of 5 days in the county jail. This minimum mandatory jail sentence could be applied in conjunction with other penalties. A few of the additional penalties include:

  1. Probation
  2. A batterer’s intervention program
  3. Community service hours
  4. An injunction (or “no contact” order).
  5. Any "guilty" or "no contest" plea will mark your criminal record for life.

Florida Domestic Violence Attorneys Who Focus in Trial Readiness

Florida domestic violence cases resulting in prosecution usually lead to a trial. This is why the accused defendant and the defense attorney must be resolved to be prepared for the trial if it ensues. Trial readiness is needed by all parties for the entire duration of the case. In certain situations, the best strategy is demonstrating to the prosecutor that all parties involved are completely committed to delivering a well-organized defense, which means being prepared, willing, and able to proceed to trial which can lead to having a charge dropped, reduced, or diverted. Get your case started by calling us at (888) 484-5057 today!


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