Doral, FL (January 10, 2019) – A 22-year-old Taekwondo instructor from Florida, identified as Sebastian Choi, was arrested for sexual battery after a 13-year-old girl came forward and spoke with deputies about an incident that happened between her and the instructor three years ago.  

The incident allegedly took place when the girl was only 10 years old. The girl spoke with deputies and told them that Choi forced her to perform a sex act on him several years ago.

Choi was the girl’s instructor at “Team Taekwondo” when the abuse took place in Doral, which is about 20 miles northwest of Miami. The victim eventually told her mother what happened which is when her mother contacted authorities.

Choi is now facing two counts of sexual battery on a minor and two counts of lewd and lascivious molestation of a child by an adult. Police detectives called the issue “concerning” because the victim was exposed to many children over the years. He will not be able to participate in any Taekwondo activities in the United States unless he is cleared on these charges.

At this time, Choi is being held without bail.

Doral Sexual Battery Laws

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