The Bloomingdale-Riverview Patch reports that Florida is one of the worst states in the nation when it comes to intersection accidents during the Independence Day travel period. The National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR) released its Safer Roads Report 2012: Trends in Red-Light Running, a study that ranks the most dangerous holiday travel periods for intersection safety, and the Fourth of July is the number one holiday travel period for red-light running in Florida. Specifically, 39 percent more red-light violations occur during the Fourth of July travel period than Christmas, which is the lowest ranked holiday travel period in the state.

In addition, the Fourth of July travel period is also top-ranked in California, Maryland, and Texas. The lowest ranked holiday travel period in each of these states is Super Bowl weekend, and 42.6 percent more red-light violations occurred in CA, 38 percent more in MD, and 37.8 percent in TX.

Overall, Fourth of July came in a close second to Memorial Day as the worst holiday for road safety with more than 25,000 red-light running violations during the Independence Day travel period in 2011. The president and executive director of the NCSR cautions all motorists, including drivers in the Sunshine State, to be extra cautious during holiday travel periods, which tend to be more heavily trafficked. He hopes that the statistics about red-light running and intersection safety "heighten awareness about the risks that dangerous drivers create for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians."

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