Drug CrimeMost people know that drug crimes are serious. What they don't know is just how many ways a Florida drug crime conviction can affect their life. Here's what you need to know about Florida drug laws:

They Can Take Your Freedom, Your Driver's License, and More

Most people don't know just how many consequences there are for a Florida drug conviction. You might serve significant time in jail or prison. Even possession of large quantities of marijuana can be a first-degree felony offense. In addition, if you're convicted of a drug crime, you can lose your driver's license. You may also have to go through the probation process.

The law enforcement can even go after your property. If they think you used your home, vehicles, or other property to commit a drug offense, they can try to take the property. Police departments usually get to keep what they seize, so you can expect them to go after whatever they think they can get their hands on.

You Have Options

If you find yourself charged with a drug crime, a Florida drug crime attorney can help you explore available options. Yes, you have options. You might be able to take advantage of a pretrial diversion. If you have no prior offenses, the state might give you this break. You complete a term of probation-like monitoring. If you get through it all, the state dismisses your charges. This is a great option for first-time offenders.

In cases where the offender has a prior conviction, pretrial intervention might be the best option. This is similar to pretrial diversion, but it's run by the court instead of the state attorney's office. Drug court might be an option, too. In that case, you likely have to plead guilty before entering the drug court program.

Work with an Attorney

If you're facing drug charges, it's critical that you work with a Florida drug crime attorney. Your attorney can help you navigate the myriad of possibilities and come up with the best game plan for your case. At Musca Law, we take pride in helping each and every client get the outcomes they deserve in court. We invite you to contact us for a complementary consultation.

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