In Florida, drug crimes are associated with severe charges. However, there are a variety of offenses which can be difficult to understand. The substance, the amount found on the person, the items found during the search procedures, and any statements made by the defendant can all have a substantial impact on the charges, as well as the potential penalties.

The two most common drug crimes: drug possession and drug trafficking.

What is the Difference between Drug Possession & Drug Trafficking

Drug possession is simply the act of possessing an illegal drug or controlled substance. A person who is caught while using drugs may be charged with possession, as well as someone who had drugs on their person or in a place which they have reasonable access to (e.g. in their pocket, in the glove compartment of their car, under a couch in their home, etc.).

On the other hand, drug trafficking is the criminal offense of either selling or illegally transporting controlled substances across state or national lines. In many cases, simply possessing a large amount of an illegal drug can result in a drug trafficking charge. Penalties for drug trafficking are more serious compared to drug possession, resulting in lengthy prison sentences, expensive fines worth thousands of dollars, and a criminal record that can make it difficult to obtain employment opportunities.

Arrested for a Drug Crime in Florida?

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