MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA - According to a news report on, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle announced that five Miami Beach Police officers have been arrested and charged with battery.  The charges are first-degree misdemeanors, and there may be additional criminal charges filed as the investigation continues.  All five Miami Police officers turned themselves into the Miami Beach Police headquarters.  

The State Attorney's Office surveillance video shows one sergeant kicking a suspect three times just before the officer slammed the suspect's head into the ground while the suspect was handcuffed. 

Another Miami Police officer kicked another suspect at least four times.  According to the news report, the video shows a person filming the incident approximately 12 to 15 feet away.  The man is seen backing away from officers as they approached him. Suddenly, an officer charged at the man, tackled him to the floor, and then repeatedly punched the man. The man was then cornered by the two officers, who began repeatedly punching the man.

According to a Miami Police report, the police officers stated that they were attempting to prevent a suspect operating a scooter from illegally parking and stated that the man hit one of the officers with the scooter when fleeing the scene.

Cellphone footage recorded the Royal Palm Hotel being surrounded by Miami Police as they caught up with the moped driver, and that is when things turned violent.  

The moped driver stated that he had been driving the scooter but said he didn't illegally park and he never hit an officer with the scooter.

Another man, 27-years-old, was not part of the incident but was simply videoing the situation.  The man stated that he recorded the officers beating up the moped driver after he was in handcuffs.  That is when the man said the officers turned around, charged at him, and then starting beating him.  He said he was literally jumped by the officers.

All five Miami Police officers were relieved of duty, while the investigation continues.