United States Republican Representative from Florida, David Rivera, will not be charged after an over year-long investigation into his finances, according to The Huffington Post. The Miami-Dade County State Attorney stated that Florida law enforcement officials have closed the case after they "exhausted all active criminal investigative avenues," though questions still remain.

The investigation into Congressman Rivera began at the end of the 2012 congressional campaign when the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) identified possible ethical violations, including that, as a state representative, he attempted to hide a one million dollar contract with a Florida gambling company and also used campaign money to pay for Florida House of Representatives activities which were already reimbursed by the state. Additionally, over $65,000 in credit card charges were made for what seemed to be personal expenses, though they were paid for using campaign money.

Though Rivera does not face charges in Florida, he will still be the subject of a federal probe. Congressman Rivera referred to the year-long investigation as a fishing expedition which turned into a wild goose chase.

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