KEY WEST, FL - December 22, 2020 - According to an online news article by, a man spit on and kicked Monroe County Sheriff's deputies after he was arrested for suspicion of DUI in the Florida Keys. The suspect faces several charges, including Driving Under the Influence. The suspect is also facing two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, DUI, and resisting law enforcement officers with violence.

Monroe County Sheriff's deputies pulled the suspect over on suspicion of Driving Under the Influence in Monroe County after witnessing the suspect's inability to drive his motor vehicle properly. According to the Monroe County Sheriff's deputies, after the 33-year-old man from Key Largo was pulled over, it was discovered that the suspect was behind the wheel of a vehicle that allegedly struck a parked car and a building. Those collisions took place at Mile Marker 81. The Monroe County Sheriff's deputies made the stop near Mile Marker 84.  

The Monroe County Sheriff's deputies noted that the Key Largo man appeared intoxicated. Therefore the Sheriff's deputies asked the man to exit his car. The Sheriff's deputies then had the alleged drunk driver conduct several field sobriety tests. According to a report from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, the driver failed the field sobriety exercises. The Monroe County Sheriff's deputies then placed the suspect under arrest for suspicion of DUI. 

Once the suspect was booked into the Monroe County Jail, The Monroe County Sheriff's deputies allege the suspect "became combative," and he began a violent tirade while in jail. The suspect began spitting and kicking at the Sheriff's deputies. The suspect also allegedly began shouting obscenities, and he refused to follow orders. The suspect also allegedly angrily kicked chairs, and he began to start banging his forehead against a table. The suspect then allegedly began to grab at, kick, and spit on Sheriff's deputies. The suspect was then shot with a Taser. However, the suspect continued to fight with deputies as the suspect was transported to Mariners Hospital.

Later, the suspect was released from the hospital, and he was transported back to the Monroe County Jail. The suspect was charged with additional criminal offenses, which include two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting officers with violence, and DUI.