NAPLES, FL - According to several news sources, the Collier County Sheriff's Office arrested two young men for street racing in Naples, Florda.  The news report states that when the Collier County Sheriff's deputies pulled the two young men over, one of the racers played the reality TV show "Cops" theme song “Bad Boys." 

The Collier County Sheriff's Office reported that a 19-year-old man and a 20-year-old man were arrested and charged with the crime of street racing on a public highway.  A third man suspect, a 20-year-old man, was arrested and charged with "riding as a passenger in a race competition."  The Collier County Sheriff's Office arrest report states that the third man arrested coordinated the street race between the two motor vehicles.

The Collier County Sheriff's Office stated that Sherriff's deputies witnessed the two cars drive past the Collier County Sheriff's deputies' car.  As the street racers passed by, the Sheriff's deputies witnessed the passenger lean out a window and the Collier County Sheriff's deputies heard the passanger yell, “20 roll on three.”  According to the Collier County Sheriff's deputies, this is code for the race will start at 20 miles per hour and on the count of three. 

The Collier County Sheriff's followed the street racers, as the two cars started to race after the traffic light they were stopped at turned green.  The The Collier County Sheriff's arrest report states that the two vehicles reached speeds of up to 95 miles per hour in the 55 mile-per-hour limit along the section of road in which the two cars were racing. 

According to the Collier County Sheriff's deputies, once the vehicles were pulled over, one of the drivers played the “Bad Boys” theme song on his car stereo.