Saint Patrick's Day is an internationally celebrated holiday that honors Irish culture and tradition. On March 17, people all over the nation will be participating in the festivities by either hosting or going to fun parties complete with great food, drinks, friends, and a lot of the color green. St. Patrick's Day celebrations traditionally involve a lot of drinking, especially of the traditional Irish brew Guinness, which is why law enforcement will be cracking down on drunk drivers from March 12 through March 18.

The last thing you want over the fun St. Patty's Day holiday weekend is to be pulled over for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, and so it is important to be aware of how law enforcement will be stepping up their activities. If you are going to be out and about during the holiday enforcement period of March 12 through 18, you should expect an increase in patrols, DUI checkpoints, and very focused law enforcement officers. The latter is not necessarily a plus, however.

During the holidays, whether it is St. Patrick's Day or the 4th of July, law enforcement agencies take special care to keep drunk drivers off the roads. Being focused on identifying impaired drivers may inherently bias a law enforcement officer, however. The signs of intoxication that an officer would look for are not always caused by alcohol impairment, but could be the result of the day's activities or even a medical or mental condition. During a heightened enforcement period, police officers may see impairment when none actually exists and even make procedural mistakes in their effort to make a drunk driving arrest.

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