A 17-year-old Sarasota, Florida teen has been convicted of first-degree murder and faces a life sentence for the shooting deaths of two British tourists in their 20s, according to MSNBC. Because the offender is under 18-years-old, he is not eligible for the death penalty. The crime occurred on April 16, 2011.

Based on witness testimony and other evidence, it was determined that the two British tourists were vacationing in Sarasota and had gotten lost after an evening of drinking. They wandered into a housing project where the offender lived and it is there where they were murdered.

According to witnesses, the offender intended to rob the tourists, who insisted that they didn't have money and begged to be allowed to go home; the tourists also said they were lost. The bodies of the tourists were shot several times, as the offender himself recounted to friends. According to authorities, the offender was not alone the night of the shooting; however, there is insufficient evidence to charge the second suspect, who is in prison for an unrelated charge.

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