Fort Lauderdale, FL (May 29, 2019) – Police have arrested a janitor at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport after he brought a gun to work and hid it at the terminal.

Police have arrested 27-year-old Mikenson Regis after he hid a bag containing a pistol and ammunition in the drop ceiling of a closet that he used to store equipment for work at his janitorial job.

A construction worker in the building at the time discovered the weapon in the ceiling only hours later. Investigators have since viewed surveillance and found that Regis entered the building with a blue bag, which is the same one that was discovered containing the weapon and ammunition.

Inside the bag was a Ruger 9mm handgun, one loaded and one unloaded magazine, and ammunition.

At this time, the cleaning company contracting Regis is cooperating in the police investigation.

Fort Lauderdale Weapons Charge Laws

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