FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - June 11, 2020 - According to an online news report published on, Fort Lauderdale police reported that the man who allegedly lead police on a police chase is a person of interest in the stabbing murders that occurred on Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida.

According to the news report, 7SkyForce HD was capturing the chase on video. The new report states that a Florida Highway Patrol trooper was able to stop the suspect's car by performing a pit maneuver. The suspect's vehicle was stopped just north of Hillsboro Boulevard. The pit maneuver causes the suspect's Jeep to roll over, and the Jeep landed on its side.

On Wednesday, the police arrested the 64-year-old man after a police chase with the suspect. As the Fort Lauderdale police searched the suspect's Jeep, the officers found "freshly-washed" clothes and several "sharp weapons."

Law enforcement officers reported that the suspect lead police officers on a high-speed police chase throughout Broward County, Florida. According to the police, the chase began near the location of the double homicide. The news report states that one of the bodies of the victims was mutilated. Fort Lauderdale police believe that the murders and the subsequent police chase are related.

The suspect is already facing criminal charges. The suspect's previous charges include one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The suspect has made an appearance in a virtual bond court hearing. The suspect's brother appeared before the judge in his brother's bond hearing, and he told the judge that his brother has schizophrenia and that his brother may have been not taking his medication. The brother stated that the suspect had been diagnosed with mental illness for about eight years.

The news report states that a property owner believes the police chase began with his interaction with the suspect. The man stated that he saw the suspect parked on his parking lot on Center Avenue. The property owner made contact with the suspect and asked him if the Jeep belonged to him, and if it didn't, he intended to have the Jeep towed off of his parking lot.

The property owner stated that the suspect was confrontational and responded to the property owner with, "Yeah. What the eff is it to you?"

The property owner told the suspect that the property belonged to him and that the suspect could not park on his parking lot. The property owner alleged that the suspect pushed him to the ground and alleged the suspect was acting crazy. So the property owner left the suspect, returned to his car, and called 911. The suspect then allegedly hit the man's car with his Jeep and then sped off.

Fort Lauderdale Police were working the double homicide scene, which is only a few blocks away from the parking lot. The suspect is being held on a $97, 000 bail bond.

Fort Lauderdale Police are asking for help and information about the homicides. If anyone has information or video that may help investigators, the police are asking for you to call Detective Wood at 954-828-5344.

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