Fort Myers, FL (August 15, 2019) – Police arrested 54-year-old Shawn Taylor after he assaulted his friend with a sword, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Taylor was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after he assaulted his friend after a drunken argument over his penmanship. The two had been drinking at Taylor’s apartment on Hart Drive when Taylor suddenly told his friend that he wanted to have sex with him.

The victim declined, which is when Taylor entered the room with a sword and sliced the victim. The victim was able to get away and found somebody who called for help. He was immediately treated for his wounds.

The victim told deputies that he knew Taylor for seven years and was able to identify him from a photograph, which led to Taylor’s arrest.

The investigation continues at this time.

Fort Myers Aggravated Battery Laws 

Fort Myers, FL – Man Accused of Assaulting Friend with a SwordBeing charged with an aggravated battery crime in Fort Myers might be one of the most challenging things that you have ever faced, especially if a victim is saying that you used violent acts to cause them harm even though you believe differently. Many violent crimes across Florida are seen as felonies, which can lead to years in prison and fines as well as many impacts on your career and beyond. This is why it is imperative to have a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side who can help you every step of the way when it comes to your case.

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