North Fort Myers, FL (February 11, 2019) – At approximately 2:30 on early Saturday morning, an armed robbery gone-wrong took place inside a vacant store located next door to a Little Caesar's Pizza inside a North Fort Meyers shopping mall on Pine Island Road.  Two men were arrested a short time after the incident, while a third man was shot by the intended robbery victim and is currently in the hospital.

Workers were moving equipment into the vacant store when they were approached by three men, one of whom was carrying a shotgun, and told to get down on the ground.  One of the intended victims, armed with a gun as well, managed to pull out his weapon and shoot one of the robbery suspects.  The two other suspects fled the scene but were apprehended and taken into custody a short time later.

The Lee County Sherriff's Office has identified the two suspects in custody as 32-year-old Joshua Tatlock and 18-year-old Killian Irberseder.  The third suspect, who was shot by the intended victim, is still receiving care and his name has not been released.

Tatlock and Irberseder were charged with armed robbery of an occupied building and aggravated assault. The third suspect will also be charged when his medical treatment is completed.

The investigation into the incident continues to take place at this time.

North Fort Myers Armed Burglary

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