Gainesville, FL (February 25, 2019) - Police say that a man was arrested on Friday after police say that he allegedly sexually battered a girl since she was 6-years-old.

Police say that the girl is now between the age of 12-18. The last incident happened on February 17, when 34-year-old Criseforo Sanchez-Xochicale called the girl into the living room to watch her younger brother for him. When she came in, Sanchez-Xochicale was in the room alone. He grabbed her and sexually battered her, according to the police report.

The girl’s sister heard her yelling and started to come into the room, which is when Sanchez-Xochicale stopped the act and threw a blanket over both of them. When the girl spoke to police, she said that occasions like these happened many times in the past. She said that he always did this when her mother was not home.

Sanchez-Xochicale threatened to harm her if she ever told anyone what was happening. He told police that he only had sex with the girl if she initiated it. However, police continued to charge Sanchez-Xochicale with sexual battery on a victim 12 to 18 years old and he remains in jail at this time.

Gainesville Sexual Battery Laws

Gainesville, FL - Man Allegedly Sexually Battered Girl Since She Was 6Being accused of a Florida sex crime involving a child is one of the most severe charges that you could ever face. What might have seemed like an innocent act has spiraled out of control and is now causing chaos in your life, leaving you with severe consequences, including decades in prison, large fines, years of probation, and lifetime registration on a sex offender list. If you have been convicted of one of these felony crimes, you could be facing many restrictions on your life, which could leave you feeling helpless and alone. Luckily, knowledgeable help is on your side.

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