Haines City, FL (January 7, 2019) – A woman who was visiting was shot to death in a double shooting. She has since been identified by police as 56-year-old Lisa Bunce.

Bunce was shot to death by her ex-boyfriend, 60-year-old David Murdock on Saturday morning. She was visiting a friend at the time. Her friend, Sandra Andrews, was also injured in the incident but is expected to survive.

Deputies who investigated say that Bunce and Murdock’s relationship ended in 2017 but he tried to call her when he found out she was in Florida. Now, Murdock is facing first-degree murder charges as well as attempted first-degree murder, armed burglary, and shooting into a building charges.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they found Murdock in front of the building where he shot her to death. A handgun was lying in the driveway nearby.

Haines City Murder Laws

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