Getting arrested for a crime is scary. Here's how to make the most of your situation with the help of your criminal defense attorney.

Tips for Your Case

Once you have found your Miami criminal defense attorney, you should have a discussion about how you are going to plead. First, you should be an active player in your case. Don't be silent when meeting with your lawyer. Communicate your honest goals and understanding of the case. Next, you must show up to court. If you don't, it will look like you don't care about your outcome, and that's not a good impression to leave. Also, remember to put your best foot forward when you appear in court. Dress with the outcome that you want in mind. Last, do some independent research on your type of case. Look at the usual outcomes of your type of case, and research Florida laws to learn all that you can. Your case should be a collaboration between you and your attorney. Your lawyer should know that you are committed to your own case.