Hobe Sound, FL (December 4, 2018) – A 33-year-old convicted sex offender who was on probation for sending pornography to children has been arrested again in Marin County. The man has been identified as Christopher Michael Shea of Hobe Sound.

Police arrested Shea when they discovered that he was once again using the Internet to violate his probation. Shea was questioned by police, who confessed that he was frequenting a variety of gaming sites.  When confronted form the Marin County Sherriff's Department,  he admitted to having contact with minors and using profanity when communicating with them on those gaming sites.  He also admitted using nicknames such as “Mr. Peepers” and “Cut-off Burrito.”  He admitted that he had been borrowing friends and family member’s phones so that he could access the Internet.

Shea has been detained for a violation of probation



Hobe Sound Probation Violation Laws

Hobe Sound, FL – Convicted Sex Offender Behind Bars AgainViolating probation, no matter what the crime, can leave a serious impact on your case. Once a Florida resident has been accused of a probation violation, their main step is to have probation reinstated or minimally modified. You could be re-arrested and charged once again, which can put you in a difficult position as you face the reality of prison and a vast variety of penalties once again. If you have been accused of probation violation in Florida, you have many rights under Florida law and we are here for you.

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