Attorney Rebecca Sonalia from Musca Law was incredible. She handled the DMV part of my DUI case. From day one, she was extremely informative, friendly, and available to answer any of the inquiries I had. She offered her email and work number and told me to call whenever I’d like, and she was always able to get back to me promptly. Rebecca was able to get me a permit to drive to go to work, school, and grocery store for about a month and a half after I had been charged with the DUI. She explained the limitations I had with that permit in detail and offered advice. She always made it a point to keep me updated with the findings she had; for instance, she told me that she was investigating the accuracy of the breathalyzer that I had used the night of my arrest. She was incredibly professional, and she did her homework regarding all the evidence in my case. Finally, she was aggressive with her research and discovered that my breathalyzer had not been accurate. Hence, my DMV case was then dropped. Even after the case, she informed me that she will be available for any other questions I have regarding the case–which is comforting. I honestly feel like I couldn’t have found a better attorney to handle my case. She did her best to work on my behalf and follow through with everything in a timely manner. Without hesitation, she would be a lawyer that I’d recommend to anybody with a DUI case.