I am a Real Estate broker who was arrested for my second DUI Arrest 11 months ago. Confused and overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to turn. I had heard from many people in town that Attorney John Musca of Musca Law was the best attorney for handling DUI cases. From the moment I met John, I knew I had made the right decision to hire him. I found him to be genuine-a real human being-who treated me, and handled my case, with compassion, concern, and understanding. Above all, it was obvious to me Attorney Musca knew his stuff!!! Upon further research, I learned he had special training and qualifications other DUI attorneys in the area did not. I discovered, for instance, he was certified in field sobriety testing and breathalyzer operation. There is NO DOUBT this special training was crucial in helping Attorney Musca obtain a favorable outcome on my DUI case. I was also impressed with the intensity and enthusiasm with which Attorney Musca took on my case. No sooner was I present in his office for the first meeting than was he immediately filing an emergency appeal to save my Driver’s License and calling the prosecutor on my behalf. He, along with the rest of his team, took immediate action on my behalf. And, most importantly, that level of extra attention and care NEVER diminished as the case progressed. In Attorney Musca, I found not just an aggressive attorney and advocate, but a friend throughout my horrendous ordeal! Months after my case was resolved, attorney Musca still checks in with me to make sure I am alright and that my life is back on track! Now that’s unique! That’s special! Everything I heard prior to retaining Musca Law proved to be true! And I recommend him and the firm to anyone needing criminal defense assistance!