I am writing this with a great deal of gratitude in my heart. I was stopped this past June and charged with DUI. I am 51 years old and have never been in trouble with the law and therefore had no idea who to contact for a lawyer to defend me. I did research on the web and read a lot about Musca Law. I am so grateful that I chose Musca Law. Ms. Rebecca Sonalia was my attorney for the DMV part of my case. This part was very important to me because I am a CDL holder. At all times, Rebecca made sure she answered all of my questions and never made me feel like she was in a hurry and wanted to get off of the phone. She informed me that she felt we would win this case because the hearing officer did not have in their possession a very important document verifying the required inspection of the breathalyzer machine which was used the night of my arrest. This afternoon, Rebecca called me and informed me that we had won the case and that she had been monitoring the DMV website and that my license had been fully reinstated. She also informed me all restrictions on the CDL portion of my license had been lifted! I was not sure about Musca Law’s team approach to my case in the beginning, but now I am a true believer. Mr. Musca, Ms. Sonalia and Mr. Rinard, I cannot thank you all enough! I do feel confident that I have the best team possible for DUI defense assisting me on this case. I would highly recommend your firm to anyone who finds themselves in need of a criminal defense firm. Again thank you so much! I am on my way to DMV to get my driver’s license back!