I was arrested for DUI in October 2012 and blew a .169. I thought my “goose was cooked” and that my career, and my life, were over. I knew my only hope was to hire the best DUI law firm money could buy. I reviewed firms online and read about Musca Law and their ebook “How to Beat a DUI in Florida,”. I called the firm and was immediately put at ease by a knowledgeable, calm and supportive attorney who was able to convince me Musca Law was the correct choice. The attorney on my criminal case was always available on his direct line to answer my questions and concerns before, during, and after my ordeal. Immediately, he recognized a problem with the officer pulling me over in the first place, and filed a Motion to Suppress The Stop. His expert presence and cross-examining of the officer during that motion was exceptional and dynamic, just like you see in the movies! He eventually won the motion, and the Prosecutor had no choice but to dismiss all the charges against me. Now, my professional license and my ability to earn a living is no longer in jeopardy. My highest praise and commendation goes to Musca Law. Thank You so Much!