In the state of Florida, there is a law called "Implied Consent." Basically, implied consent means that if a licensed driver is operating a motor vehicle in Florida, the driver has given consent to submit to DUI tests. When pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence, a police officer may conduct different tests to see if the driver is sober or not. These tests, including field sobriety tests and chemical tests, are not required. However, if you do not comply with these laws, you will automatically face other penalties under the implied consent law.

Penalties for Not Taking Tests

If you do not submit to sobriety tests, you will automatically face other penalties. If it is your first refusal, you will have your license suspended for a year. After your first refusal to take a test, you could be facing misdemeanor charges. Talk with your Florida DUI lawyer if you have refused to take a sobriety test and are facing charges.