Indian River County, FL (December 5, 2018) – On Monday, December 3, a man was arrested on charges of lewd battery on a 13-year-old female after rape accusations. The suspect has been identified as 21-year-old Cody Scott.

The incident occurred in the middle of October.  The thirteen-year-old girl told the Indian River Police that she invited Scott into her home without her parent's knowledge and engaged in consensual sexual relations with him at that time.  Even though the young girl consented to the sex act, Scott was charged with lewd and lascivious battery because, in the state of Florida, a person must be at least sixteen years old to consent to a sexual act.  Cody Scott was 20-years-old at the time of the incident.  

Scott allegedly told police that he knew that the girl was only thirteen when he went to her home. He is now being held in jail with a bail set at $10,000.

Indian River County Statutory Rape Laws 

Indian River County, FL – Man Charged with Lewd Battery on 13-Year-OldIn Florida, lewd and lascivious battery is also known as statutory rape under Florida law. These laws make it a crime for an adult to have sexual intercourse with a child who is older than 12 but younger than 16. Statutory rape has serious penalties including up to fifteen years in prison, fifteen years of probation, a $10,000 fine, and sex offender registration for the rest of your life. This could impact everything you do from for the rest of your life.  You may lose your friends, job and more if you are convicted of such a crime.  You need the guidance and help of an experienced attorney with knowledge of statutory rape laws in Florida. 

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