JACKSONVILLEFLORIDA - According to an online news report on Jacksonville.com, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office reported that a 32-year-old police detective was arrested after the detective illegally accessed criminal justice computer databases on behalf of a jailed inmate.

The female officer was a seven-year veteran of the Jacksonville Police Department, was criminally charged last Wednesday.  Her charges include accessing information from police computers without authority, Undersheriff Pat Ivey stated.  Her bail bond was set at $20,000.

As the criminal investigation into the police detective proceeds, she will be the fifth law enforcement officer to be sent to jail in 2021 for committing this crime.  In 2020, 11 law enforcement officers were arrested for the crime. 

According to the Undersheriff, she was commiting the crime to discuss an active investigation with an inmate at the jail. She decided not to resign at this time.  However, Undersheriff Ivey stated that the agency has a process in place to handle these situations, and the agency will move to dismiss her.

Undersheriff Ivey did not state what type of relationship the male inmate and the detective engaged in but stated there was some type of acquaintance or friendship between them.

According to Ivey, the detective checked the inmate out of the correctional facility using some lie that she needed the inmate for an investigative reason, which was untrue. The inmate has been placed back in jail. The crime is currently under investigation.