According to a news report posted on, a former Marshall gynecologist has been charged with three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct and indecent exposure. The charges come from three separate cases and three different accusers, all of whom were Walker's former patients. As a result, Walker requested permission to leave the state to attend a marketing conference in Florida for two weeks but was denied by District Judge Tracie Tomak.

According to Tomak, the former gynecologist cannot leave the state unless every judge overseeing his case approves the request. Walker has been out on bond while awaiting trial on cases involving six victims who accused him of sexually assaulting them during pelvic and breast exams at his former practice before it closed in 2019. His trial is scheduled to begin in June.

The allegations against the former gynecologist are serious and have the potential to impact his former patients' lives significantly. It is essential to allow the justice system to take its course and ensure that the victims receive the justice they deserve. The denial of Walker's request to leave the state is a small but necessary step towards ensuring that he remains accountable for his actions.

It is important to remember that sexual assault is a serious crime, and victims of sexual assault must be supported and believed. Survivors of sexual assault often face significant trauma and may struggle with the aftermath of the assault for years to come. It is essential to take any allegations of sexual assault seriously and to support survivors through their healing process.

The former Marshall gynecologist has been charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct. His request to leave the state to attend a marketing conference in Florida was denied, and he cannot leave the state without the approval of every judge overseeing his case. Sexual assault is a serious crime, and it is important to support and believe survivors. The justice system must take its course, and victims must receive the justice they deserve.

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