Lakeland, FL (December 3, 2018) – 103 arrests were made this weekend after a Polk County undercover human trafficking sting was set up to find victims. The sting took place over the span of a week and focused on prostitutes posting advertisements on the Internet, as well as those seeking female prostitutes.

On November 27th,  police started working and gathering information about prostitutes and the men who seek their services.  This investigation went on through Sunday. Polk County Sherriff's Department made over one hundred arrests related to the crimes.  They arrested several prostitutes and their johns during the sting operation.  More than fifty of these arrests involved women who were advertising their service in an online format.   There were approximately thirty arrests of men that had responded to an ad that ad that an undercover officer had placed an online.   Undercover detectives found listings on social media, websites, and mobile phone applications that they used in their investigation. 

Some of the other charges included soliciting another for prostitution, transporting to a building for prostitution,  soliciting undercover detectives, deriving proceeds from prostitution, and several other charges relating to drug crimes and other offenses.

Many of these crimes remain under investigation by police.  There is a news conference scheduled for later this afternoon where Sherriff Judd will release more information about the sting operation. 



Lakeland Human Trafficking Laws 

Human trafficking is illegal in every state in the United States and is heavily prosecuted by the federal government. If you are charged, you could be facing penalties from both state or federal courts, which could earn you 10 years or more in prison and a variety of harsh fines. Human trafficking crimes are seen as some of the most devastating and depraved crimes, so the courts are always handling them very seriously. If you have been accused of human trafficking in Florida, you are probably feeling scared about your future and unsure of what to do next.  You need the experience of a dedicated Florida sex crimes attorney to help you get the best possible outcome for the serious charges you are facing. 

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