Lakeland, FL (April 15, 2019) – On Wednesday, a 25-year-old man was arrested on charges of negligent child abuse and giving paraphernalia to a minor after an incident involving an elementary student.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said that 25-year-old Joe Boyd was arrested on felony charges of giving narcotics paraphernalia to a child and child abuse after he left a bag of marijuana inside the backpack of a child that he dropped off at an elementary school.

The child allegedly turned her backpack over to a school principal when she found the marijuana inside. The student told police that, on the way to school, Boyd took her to a friend of his, Crystal’s house. He took the child’s pink backpack into her house with him and, when he returned to the car, the child unzipped the backpack and found the marijuana, which she told police was “something bad.”

The student did not say anything to Boyd and he dropped her off at school with her brother. The child went to the first adult she saw and gave them the backpack.

Boyd claimed that he did not know that there was marijuana in the child’s backpack and said that he would never let her have marijuana. He tried to blame it on his friend and said that he believed the friend put the marijuana in her backpack.

Boyd is currently being held on no bond.


Lakeland Child Abuse Laws


Lakeland Child Abuse

If you have been charged with child abuse in Florida, this does not always mean that you are being charged with a violent crime

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