JACKSONVILLE, FL (DUVAL COUNTY) - An arrest news report posted on actionnewsjax.com states that the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has announced a Jacksonville law enforcement officer's arrest and booking. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, the law enforcement officer was arrested and charged with one count of misdemeanor battery following the officers allegedly striking a person who was already in police custody.

According to the arrest news report, the law enforcement officer was working as an off-duty security guard for the "Poker Room" located off Monument Road in Jacksonville, Florida. The incident occurred on March 27, 2021. The report states that an individual was outside of the business and was screaming that he was going or that he would "shoot up" the business over some sort of previous issue between the man and the establishment. The law enforcement officer placed the screaming man under arrest for making criminal threats against the business, and the law enforcement officer handcuffed him.

Once, the law enforcement officer placed the man in a police car. As the law enforcement officer rolled down the window to advise the man of his legal rights, the man spat in the law enforcement officer's face. After the man spat into the face of the law enforcement officer, this is when the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office alleges the law enforcement officer opened the police car door and began to strike the man, and he also ripped the arrestee's shirt. According to the report, the arrestee's hands were in handcuffs during the assault by the law enforcement officer. The arrestee was also charged with the battery of a law enforcement officer. The arrestee received minor cuts on his face.

Another off-duty law enforcement officer witnessed the incident and reported it to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Sergeant. In addition, body camera video footage captured the event. This was the first arrest of a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office employee in 2021. The criminal investigation is ongoing. 

According to Florida Criminal Statute Title XLVI - Crimes, Chapter 784 Assault; Battery; Culpable Negligence 784.03 Battery; felony battery, a person found guilty of Misdemeanor "Simple" Battery (Misdemeanor Battery) of the first degree is punishable as presented in. 775.083. The penalties for Misdemeanor Battery in the first degree include up to one year in jail or 12-months probation, plus a fine of up to $1,000. Misdemeanor Battery is an extremely defendable criminal charge, and an experienced criminal defense lawyer is essential to better your chances of avoiding the harsh outcomes of a criminal conviction.