Lee County, FL (November 12, 2018) – Lee County Police arrested a young man following a chase and car crash on Interstate 75 Sunday morning, November 11. The man received charges related to the possession of multiple weapons and narcotics after the crashing on Corkscrew Road.

19-year-old Mark Medina was booked in the Lee County Jail following the incident, which took place around 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning. A trooper noticed a Ford Focus that was traveling well above the speed limit on the highway and tried to stop the vehicle. In doing so, the Ford sped away traveling at an estimated 93 mph.

The vehicle failed to stop and exited the highway, making a right turn onto Corkscrew Road without heeding to the red light. Medina then lost control of his vehicle and crashed through the grass median in the area, putting himself directly into the path of a red Ford F-150. The two vehicles collided.

Medina fled the scene shortly after the crash. Police pursued him and were able to catch Medina on foot. He was arrested for fleeing and eluding, possession of a narcotic, possession with intent to distribute, possession of a stolen firearm, firearm offense during the commission of a felony, and operating a vehicle without a license.

Lee County Narcotic Possession Laws 

Lee County, FL – Bonita Springs Man Arrested Following Chase and CrashThough the possession of narcotics was the center point in this incident, many of the charges Medina sustained can bring serious results in the court system. Possession of a narcotic under Florida law is typically charged as a third-degree felony. If you're accused on narcotic possession, you may face a long jail sentence and significant fines if convicted.

Drug crimes are severely prosecuted in Florida. Because of the life-altering consequences you may face if convicted, it is important to have the help of an experienced Florida defense attorney.

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