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Naples Criminal Lawyers

Advocating for the Rights and Freedom of the Accused

If you have been arrested or learn that you are the subject of a law enforcement investigation, you should be aware that you are protected by significant legal rights.  The best option in either situation will be to speak to experienced Naples criminal defense lawyers who will make the protection of your rights and liberty their priority.  Regardless of what an arresting officer, detective, or prosecutor might tell you, the soundest option for obtaining a positive result involves asserting your legal right to counsel and your right to remain silent.  The overcrowding in the jails and prisons of Florida would be eased considerably if everyone consistently asserted those two Constitutional rights.

Driving Under the Influence in Naples (DUI) – Florida Statutes 316.193

Driving under the influence (DUI) in Florida occurs when a “… a person is driving or in actual control of a vehicle” and impaired by alcohol or another chemical substance.  See Florida Statutes 316.193.  If a motorist’s driving ability is adversely affected or he or she has a blood alcohol level (BLC) that exceeds .08 percent even when driving perfectly, the driver can be convicted for DUI.

The Important of Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Naples

While the penalties for a DUI conviction can be substantial, there are effective defenses that experienced Naples DUI attorneys can utilize to protect you.  The penalties for a first offense DUI can be up to six months in jail, (9 months under certain circumstances), a fine between $500-$1,000 ($1,000-$2,000 with certain exacerbating factors), and other potential consequences, such as DUI classes, mandatory installation of ignition interlock, probation, loss of driving privileges, significant fines and costs, and more.

Naples DUI Defense Strategy

Your Naples DUI lawyers will carefully analyze your entire interaction with law enforcement from the time you were followed and pulled over to the booking process at the jail.  This scrutiny will include officer observations before and after you are pulled over, standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs), and formal chemical tests of your BAL.  The officer might have lacked a sufficient factual basis to stop you, or a sample collected for testing might have been improperly collected or stored. Because you only have 10 days to request a hearing to fight an administrative suspension of your driver’s license, you should seek legal advice immediately if you are facing any of the following:

Naples Domestic Violence Lawyers – Turning a Shield into a Sword

Florida statutes define “domestic violence” to include “assault, aggravated assault, battery, aggravated battery, sexual assault, sexual battery, stalking, aggravated stalking, kidnapping, false imprisonment, or criminal offense resulting in physical injury” committed by one family/household member against another.  See Florida Statutes 741.28.  The expansive nature of this definition means that even an isolated incident of pushing or grabbing between a couple, parent and child, or siblings could result in an arrest for domestic violence.  The consequences of a conviction not only include formal penalties, such as incarceration, mandatory participation in Batterers Intervention Programs, probation, and other punishments, but also long-term informal consequences.

Naples Domestic Violence Attorneys

Because the impact of domestic violence charges extends beyond the formal punishment, allegations of this nature might be raised based on improper motives.  For example, the complaining witness might make these allegations to obtain an advantage in a divorce of child custody case.  These allegations also can cause the loss of a security clearance, revocation of a concealed carry permit, or limitations on where you can be present, so your career can be threatened.  Experienced Naples criminal defense lawyers investigate the medical evidence, grounds for witness bias, and other evidence to alleviate such consequences.  Our skilled attorneys also can represent clients facing charges of violating a no-contact or restraining order.

Florida Sex Crimes – The Impact of Sex Offender Registration

While any criminal conviction can have a negative impact on your life, sex offenses often carry a lifetime penalty that endures long after any jail time or probation has ended.  Many sex crime convictions require registration as a sex offender, which makes sex crime information available to the public and limits your choices in terms of where you live, work, or visit.  If you are convicted of a sex crime like rape, child molestation, date rape, child exploitation, federal sex offenses, the Romeo & Juliet law, spousal rape, bestiality, prostitution, human trafficking, indecent exposure, incest, internet & computer sex crimes, failure to register, solicitation, sexting, or other sex offenses, experienced legal representation can help prevent the negative consequences of a sex crime conviction. While the specific defenses to sex crimes will depend on the charges, seasoned Naples criminal defense lawyers will force the prosecutor to prove every element of a charged offense beyond a reasonable doubt.  Defense attorneys also can engage in cross-examination to expose witness perception errors, dishonesty, and bias.  The process of building an effective defense also often involves working with private investigators and forensic experts, as well as conducting forensic testing of physical evidence.

Criminal Attorneys in Naples Provide a Solid Defense Against the Full Spectrum of State and Federal Offenses

While the offenses above constitute cases that we see on a regular basis, other criminal cases our attorneys handle include: Violent Crimes – Whether you are accused of murder, manslaughter, homicide, robbery, armed robbery, assault, battery, or related charges, these types of offenses tend to be investigated and prosecuted with significant vigor because they routinely involve injury or death to another person.  Violent offenses frequently carry the most serious penalties. Theft Crimes – Although offenses like burglary, possession of stolen property, passing a bad check, and other crimes involving theft of property or money do not involve physical harm, they can still result in significant penalties that include jail/prison, significant fines, restitution, probation, and more. Weapons Offenses – If you are facing a weapons charge like unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a gun as a convicted felon, or another firearm-related offense, the penalties can be a lengthy prison term and significant fines. Financial Crimes/White Collar Crimes – State and federal agencies have focused increasing resources on pursuing so-called “white collar crimes.”  Individuals facing this type of charge often are highly respected professionals who have no criminal record.  Because these cases frequently involve complex paper trails and sophisticated financial transactions, an individual accused of such an offense needs Naples criminal defense attorneys familiar with criminal charges like the following: Drug Crimes – Drug charges can be state or federal, but the penalties associated with drug offenses can result in long prison terms, especially when the allegations include intent to sale or other drug dealing-related charges.  Given the high degree of publicity and political scrutiny of the opioid epidemic, doctors, pharmacies, and other healthcare professionals have increasingly been targeted for prosecution by law enforcement officials.  We invite you to contact us if you are facing charges like the following:

Naples Criminal Defense Attorneys

We invite you to contact one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers in Naples, so we can start protecting your legal rights by furnishing a tenacious defense.


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