Lee County, FL (January 21, 2019) – One person has been arrested as a suspect in a homicide investigation following a stabbing at the Fort Myers Beach Public Library. Police have officially arrested 36-year-old Adam Soules.

At the time that the incident occurred on Sunday, January 20th at 9 am, police arrived at the library and discovered that 69-year-old, Dr. Leroy Hommerding, who was the long-time director at the Fort Meyers Beach Public Library was killed in a fatal stabbing as he tried to open the library.  Coworkers said that the victim, Dr. Leroy Hommerding, was opening the library for a book sale that was supposed to have run through the entire weekend.  There were several witnesses to the attack.  

The library was closed and taped off for the remainder of the weekend. After the stabbing occurred,  Soules pulled the machete from the victim's body and fled the scene.  Several witnesses gave chase and followed him to a Topps Building where he ran up to the roof of the building. Witnesses surrounded the building until police arrive a few moments later.  Deputies were then able to catch up with him and place him under arrest.

Many people who knew Dr. Hommerding said that he was a key figure in the library being built five years ago.  The library was his vision that came to fruition.  He was loved by all who knew him.  

Adam Soules has been arrested on charges of second-degree homicide. He will be arraigned on February 18.  He is being held without bond.

Florida Homicide Laws

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