Leesburg, FL (February 1, 2019) – A corrections officer employed at the Lake County Jail was arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution.

Marcus Moore Jr. was arrested by the Leesburg Police Department after an investigation that has been ongoing since September. Moore was accused of contacting a woman he knew from high school and offering to give her his paycheck in return for sex. She declined the offer.  Moore then continued to be persistent toward the woman and she continued to decline his offers.

Eventually, in October, Moore offered the woman money for sex again, according to the report. The woman then notified the police department and an investigation into the matter began. Officers looked into Moore’s Snapchat account and found that he had been sending messages to the woman soliciting sex. Moore was arrested on Thursday and was suspended from his job and may be terminated from his position at the jail following termination hearings. Police continue their investigation into the manner at this time.

Leesburg Solicitation of Prostitution Laws 

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