As reported by the Miami Herald, Florida man Byron Cardozo had been accused (but not convicted) of molesting a girl of 13-years-old when he was 17, has recently gone a rage spree regarding the victim's recent social blog post about the incident in question. Even though Cardozo was on parole for spitting in an officer's mouth (previous incident), he went after the girl in full force. After numerous threats and horrid messages, the police arrested Cardozo for violating his parole by visiting a local gun range. A sample of the kinds of messages he was leaving the victim is as follows:

"I’m going to fix you (victim’s name) whether you like it or not you started this bulls--t, now let’s finish it .. .I CAN’T ALLOW YOU TO DO THAT.. .I’ll beat your a-s in this game of chess ... I’ll beat you until you’re writing haiku ... I’M Cu----g OUT YOUR SOCKET, NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP .. .MY WRATH RUNS COLD I’LL BEAT YOU IN 17 LINES OF POEM ... HASTA LA VISTA ..." - Byron Cardozo