JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FL - (DUVAL COUNTY) - An arrest news story on firstcoastnews.com reports that a man has been arrested and charged in connection with a near-fatal shooting attack that occurred at a house located in Mid-West Jacksonville, Florida.  The suspect, a 27-year-old man, was arrested and charged with attempted murder.  According to Jacksonville Sheriff's Officers, a victim was shot, and police were dispatched to a home located off of 11th Street on January 31, 2021.  According to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office report, the shooting victim was rushed to a local area hospital for treatment of his gunshot wounds. 

Investigators with the Violent Crimes Unit visited the victim at the hospital and interviewed the victim.  During the interview, the shooting victim stated to officers that he was visiting his girlfriend at his girlfriend's house.  According to the arrest report, he was preparing to leave for work and was outside gathering clothes from his motor vehicle when he was shot.  The shooting victim stated he could not remember the suspect's real name.  However, he stated that he would be able to identify the suspect because he and the shooter had known each other for many months. 

The investigators obtained more information from the victim, including that the suspect drives around in an "old police car" and that the car's roof still has police numbers on it.  The shooting victim also added that he and the shooter had not been in any prior fights or altercations before the shooting.  The victim stated that the shooter had previously stated that he did not like him (the victim) "Being around his child."

Criminal investigators finished their interview with the victim and then interviewed the homeowner and the victim's girlfriend.  The two individuals stated that they were inside the house at the time of the shooting.  The two people also verified the victim's statement to police that prior verbal altercations between the shooter and the victim happened but never got physical. The two women stated to investigators that they never witnessed the victim with a gun.  However, they knew the shooter carried a gun.  

The officers were also able to confirm that the suspect was at the scene by speaking with people in the neighborhood.  One of the witnesses explained to investigators that the victim and the suspect were in a verbal altercation that day.  The incident occurred earlier in the day, and that the witness did hear the argument when gathering items from her home. 
Additional details concerning the shooting were redacted from the arrest report by law enforcement officers.  Based on the evidence collected during the investigation, the suspect was arrested, charged, and booked into the Duval County Jail where he faces charges of attempted murder, and dangerous act evincing a depraved mind without premeditation.