New Port Richey, FL (March 12, 2019) – Pasco County police officials arrested suspects who were tied to the violent robbery and assault of a teenager who had been walking home from school.

The four men who were arrested were identified as 19-year-old Khristian Schreffler, 23-year-old Trenton Schreffler, 24-year-old Justin Schreffler (all brothers), and 21-year-old Austin Emanuel. All men face charges of robbery and aggravated battery.

15-year-old Geoffrey Lehman told police that the group of men followed him for more than a mile in February and jumped him when he was only a couple of blocks from his home in Colonial Hills, New Port Richey.

Police reviewed multiple surveillance cameras where they were able to verify the crime in question.

Lehman allegedly suffered from a fractured jaw and lost three teeth after the beating. His phone, backpack, wallet, and ID card were all stolen by the men.

He has since recovered from the incident.

New Port Richey Aggravated Battery Laws 

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