New Port Richey, FL (June 27, 2019) – 29-year-old Sara Searer was arrested by Pasco County deputies after she pointed a gun at her boyfriend, hit him with a machete, and struck him with a sign.

Searer allegedly got into an argument with her boyfriend and pointed a gun at his face at their home on Yellow Lake Drive. She then went outside and fired the weapon off.

Investigators said that the two had been arguing in the boyfriend’s truck earlier in the day when Searer used the machete to stab his console and then swung the weapon at him. She continued swinging the machete outside the truck, which caused him to get two cuts.

Searer then dropped the machete and picked up an ADT sign on the property, which she swung and caused wounds to his left hand.

Searer’s boyfriend told deputies that he feared for his life when she pointed the gun at his face and used the machete to cut him. Since then, Searer has been charged with domestic aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

New Port Richey Domestic Battery Laws

New Port Richey, FL – Woman Arrested After Cutting Boyfriend with MacheteIf you have been charged with domestic battery in New Port Richey but you do not believe that the full truth has been told about your case, you have many rights and protections under the law as you raise a defense and endure the criminal justice system. Domestic violence crimes are taken extremely seriously, which is why if you believe you have been wrongfully accused of a domestic violence crime, you have many rights. With the reality of prison time, fines, and more looming overhead, it is time to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney about your options.

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