Orlando, FL (December 20, 2018) – Authorities have arrested a Florida man who killed his wife and casually walked out of the home, leaving her body in the home so his four children would find her when they woke up.

Police say that 29-year-old Nelonza Pugh was arrested for murder and domestic violence in relation to to the death of his wife.  The entire incident was captured on the families video home surveillance system. The sheriff who was working on the case called it “another tragic instance of domestic violence” in the community.

The children who discovered their dead mother in the house ranged in ages ranged from 2-13-years-old.  The children called 911 to say that their mother was laying in a pool of blood surrounded by bullets.  The 911 operator instructed the four children to go into a room and lock themselves inside until police arrived.  The children told deputies that they heard a loud argument around 1 a.m. Then when they woke up around 8 am and found their mother dead in the home.

According to police, Pugh has an extensive arrest history with charges ranging from attempted second-degree murder to cocaine trafficking.  There had not been any previous domestic disputes between the couple in the past. 

Police investigations into the matter continue at this time.

Orlando Murder Laws 

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