Orlando, FL (November 14, 2018) – On Tuesday, November 13, a man was killed in what is believed to be a domestic shooting in Orlando. Police were called to the scene around 5:45 p.m. last evening to find that the victim had passed away.

The Orlando Police Department was dispatched to the area of an apartment building in the 2500 block of East Washington Street, which is where they discovered the victim dead at the scene.

At this time, police have arrested the suspect in relation to the incident. They released information that it was domestic in nature and that the suspect and the victim were related.

Police continue to investigate the incident.

Orlando Murder Laws

Orlando, FL – Man Killed in Domestic Shooting in Orlando Violent crimes in Florida, especially those that involve the fatality of another party, can bring some of the most severe penalties under state laws. Every year, over 88,000 violent crimes take place across the entire state, leading to serious injuries and deaths. Many of these are domestic in nature, stemming from the actions of a relative or live-in partner. If you have been accused of murder, you could be facing many years or even life in prison with or without the possibility or parole depending on your unique circumstances. These crimes can have a huge impact on your life and your ability to retain employment and build relationships around you.

If you have been accused of a serious murder-related crime, you have a right to legal counsel as you navigate the legal system that may just be unfamiliar to you. You want to ensure that, moving forward, you have the best representation on your side and an attorney with experience and proven results.

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