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Orlando Criminal Lawyers

Although you have no legal obligation to retain a private attorney to represent you when you are arrested or made the target of a criminal investigation by a government entity, there are excellent reasons to retain a skilled, experienced Orlando criminal lawyer. Most people do not have extensive knowledge of Florida laws, criminal procedure, the evidence code, or local court rules. This unfamiliarity can make the criminal justice system a maze of incomprehensible rules, standards, and terminology. Our Orlando defense lawyers can guide you through the process. Our attorneys also have handled many cases through the years in the criminal courts of Orlando. We have developed positive relationships with people that will be involved in your case, which can improve your outcome. When you work with our experienced private attorneys as opposed to a public defender, you also benefit from our extensive resources and lighter caseloads.

Sex Crime Defense Lawyers in Orlando

Even the mere allegation that you have committed a sex offense can devastate your reputation, but a conviction usually means incarceration in jail or prison, staggering fines, and lifetime registration as a sex predator or sex offender. Our lawyers work doggedly to safeguard your legal rights and ensure you receive the most effective defense. Allegations of sex offenses often result from complicated family dynamics and innocent circumstances that are misinterpreted. The criminal justice process is not a flawless search for the truth by police and prosecutors. Their focus will be to obtain information that supports your arrest and conviction. The judge’s role in the process is to be impartial, so he or she does specifically protect your rights or advocate for your best interests. Our function is not to judge but to focus on utilizing proven criminal litigation strategies to obtain a positive disposition of your case.

Our Orlando Sex Crime Lawyers Defend the Entire Body of Sex Crimes

We defend the entire body of sex crimes, such as:

Domestic Violence Lawyers in Orlando

Pursuant to Section 742.28 of the Florida Statutes, domestic violence refers to any stalking, assault, kidnapping, battery, sexual assault, false imprisonment, sexual battery, or other crime that causes an injury or fatality committed against a past or present member of the accused’s family or household. The statute specifies that the covered relationships include:
  • Spouses and former spouses
  • Persons related by marriage or blood
  • Biological co-parents
Generally, the accused and the complaining witness must have lived together at some point in time. The focus on domestic violence by the media and lawmakers combined with Florida’s mandatory minimum sentencing makes skilled and experienced legal representation imperative. The blemish of a conviction of this type of offense cannot be removed from your criminal record through the process of expungement or record sealing even if the judge withholds adjudication. While jail time, participation in a batterer’s treatment program, community service, probation, and a criminal record constitute serious consequences, a conviction also might result in an injunction of protection (e.g. restraining order). This order can force you to move out of your shared home and remain a minimum distance from the home and vehicle of the complaining witness.

Reliable Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys in Orlando

Our domestic violence attorneys recognize that fabricated claims of domestic violence often become a weapon to gain an advantage in divorces and child custody matters. We explore all evidence and potential defenses, which include motivations of the complaining witnesses to fabricate their accusations to build the best possible defense.

Orlando DUI Lawyers

An arrest for driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol in Florida can be upsetting, intimidating, and confusing. The experience of having a police officer stop your vehicle and slap handcuffs on your wrist constitutes a first-time experience that most people would prefer to avoid. Whether you are personally arrested or you are assisting a loved one or a friend, maximizing your understanding of DUI law and your legal rights becomes critically important.

Types of DUI Cases our Orlando DUI Lawyers Represent

Our Orlando DUI lawyers have successfully represented clients in DMV administrative hearings to protect their driver’s license and criminal hearings to keep clients out of jail and shielded from steep fines and costs. This experience means we have familiarity with the procedural mistakes made by officers when pulling over a vehicle, conducting standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs) and/or chemical tests of blood alcohol level (BAL), and undertaking arrest procedures. DUI-related cases we handle include but are not limited to the following:

Orlando Criminal Defense Law Firm

Because our Orlando criminal attorneys have decades of collective experience, we represent individuals facing the charges above and the full litany of other crimes, such as:

Criminal Lawyers in Orlando

Whether the police have arrested you after showing up at your home or business or after stopping your vehicle, you should immediately and clearly assert your right to remain silent until you have Orlando criminal lawyers present to provide an aggressive defense.

The criminal defense team at Musca Law in Orlando has over 150 years of combined experience. We can confidently defend your rights before the court and fight for your life, as we have for so many others. We treat our clients like our family. With matters of this much importance, we have no tolerance for mistakes.

If you have been accused of a criminal charge, seek legal counsel before speaking to law enforcement. We guide our clients through every step of the legal battle so that they are never left to fight alone. Call our Orlando criminal defense office today for a free case evaluation.


Our Orlando criminal defense attorneys will examine every detail of your case to compile relevant evidence and expose the weaknesses within the prosecution’s argument against you. We have over 150 years of collective experience and will put it to use for your benefit.

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