Palm Harbor, FL (January 19, 2019) - A Tampa man who was in charge of medical services for an air ambulance company has been arrested and charged with the unlicensed practice of nursing.

59-year-old Timothy Leroy Lookabaugh was investigated after authorities with the Florida Department of Health Investigative Services received a report of possible fraud.  The division was alerted when Air Ambulance Worldwide found out that one of their employees had provided a false nursing license number in connection with their employment.  Lookabaugh was employed by Air Ambulance Worldwide.

According to the results of the investigation, Lookabaugh had worked as a paramedic in Pennsylvania before he was hired as a flight paramedic by Air Ambulance in 2014.  In 2014, he informed company officials that he had completed nursing school and provided a false document appearing to show a Florida nursing license.  Lookabaugh was then assigned to a variety of positions within the company, including flight nurse.  In this capacity, he provided care on approximately 53 medical flights.

He was officially charged with Unlicensed Practice of a Health Care Profession.

White Collar Crimes in Tampa

White collar crimes, including fraud and unlicensed practice, can have a major impact on your life.  Even if no one is harmed by the unlicensed practice of a healthcare profession, it is still a third-degree Palm Harbor, FL - Tampa Man Charged with Unlicensed Practice of Nursingfelony to practice nursing, medicine or any type of health care without being licensed.  If a serious bodily injury occurs, the crime is upgraded to a second-degree felony with a punishment of up to 15 years in prison.

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