Panama City, FL (March 9, 2019) - Police in Panama City have arrested a 30-year-old woman accused of abusing a disabled child. Deputies with the Bay County Sheriff's Office charged Misty Golden with child abuse.

According to reports, the child, who is wheelchair-bound due to cerebral palsy, went to school on Tuesday, March 5th, with a bruise on his face. School staff attempted to speak with Golden regarding the bruise. She informed them the child fell down and she was attempting to catch him when she grabbed his face, causing the bruise to form.



When speaking to detectives, the child told them that Golden had actually slapped him in the face three times. After later being questioned by investigators, Golden admitted to the physical abuse. She was then charged and placed under arrest.

Panama City Child Abuse Laws

A Florida child abuse charge can bring stiff consequences. In these cases, you are looking at possible jail time or probation, along with fines. Additionally, having a record of child abuse will limit your potential future employment opportunities, as this charge is generally frowned upon by employers. If Panama City, FL - Woman Accused of Abusing Disabled Childyou are a parent or caregiver to the child in your case, the child may be removed from your custody and placed with a county department of social services who has the authority and ability to restrict your custodial rights.

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