MIAMI, FLORIDA - According to an online news story on, a hostile passenger was arrested after he caused turmoil on a flight to Miami.  The incident became so bad that the flight attendants duct-taped the passenger to his seat.

That man, a 22-year-old, was arrested and charged with three counts of battery.  The attack occurred on a Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami, Florida.  

One passenger took out his cellphone to record what occurred and stated that the man became aggressive and basically attacked a male flight attendant.

According to the man's arrest report, he purportedly groped the breasts of two flight attendants.  The report noted that the suspect had consumed several drinks while on the Miami-bound flight.

The passenger was required to be restrained until the flight arrived in Miami and police arrived to take the man.  The flight attendants were relieved of flying pending the conclusion of the investigation.